Our Various Programmes

Faith based environmental education.

There are numerous faith based/sponsored schools, madras and other institutions of learning in the country. These are opportune places to promote environmental care through formal and informal education on environment.

Faith based tree growing.

Faith organizations have a lot of land and spaces including, church compounds, pastoral centers, retreat centers, mosques and temple compounds. If these spaces are well conserved through tree growing positive results could be achieved.

Faith based Wildlife conservation and protection.

God also created Wildlife for a purpose; faith organizations have the mandate to protect the creatures of God.

Conservation Agriculture (farming God`s way/ Islamic Farming)

Food security is central to the sustenance and health of every society. Faith organizations are well placed to initiate and promote the sustainable farming and agriculture.

Join Our Us/ Membership

All faith groups, environmental organizations and individuals may subscribe as either ordinary, associate or affiliate members.

1. Ordinary members: The original subscribers mainly drawn from the main faith organizations
2. Associate members: Members from individual faith groups who have either drawn or are in process of drawing long term plan for environmental action, those already engaged and are willing to work with the foundation, or those doing conservation from a faith perspective
3. Affiliate members: Non faith – based environmental organizations and other partners of like minds We work through the existing structures, with those who are already involved in conservation especially from a faith perspective in partnership with the secular bodies working on environmental stewardship for technical and other supports.