Our Partners

Kenya Organization of Environmental Education (KOEE)

Kenya Organization of Environmental Organization (KOEE) is A Public Benefits Organization (PBO) that has been operational since 1997. The KOEE head office is located in Nairobi, Runda Estate; Glory Valley Road Gate No. 690. KOEE promotes Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) through Advocacy, Capacity Building, Collaboration and Partnerships and Organizational strengthening. Our vision is to see an enlightened society that sustainably manages its resources for improved livelihoods. Our current programs are: Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Natural Resources Management (NRM), Environmental Governance, Services and Enterprise Development and Organizational Strengthening.


Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM)

Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (SUPKEM) is the umbrella body of all the Muslim organizations, Societies, Mosques’ Committees and Groups in Kenya. The members of the Council consist of Organizations, Societies, Committees and groups affiliated to it and not the individual Muslims.

SUPKEM is represented at constituency; county and regional levels across the Kenya through constituency councils, county councils and regional coordination committees respectively. At the national level, there is the Governing Council, which acts as the Executive body of the Council, mandated to elect the Council’s National Executive Committee (NEC) Office bearers.

SUPKEM has continued to reinforce the Networks activities though mobilization and active involvement of Muslims in the conservation programs, some of the key programs undertaken by SUPPKEM include Islamic farming, which is a climate smart agriculture that is aimed at reducing climate change impacts on agriculture.


A Rocha Kenya

A Rocha Kenya is a Christian conservation organization with a vision of: Nature conserved, people transformed. The organization has a head office in Karen, Nairobi with lots of work down at the Kenyan coast and other parts of the country. KINAE through its partner organization A Rocha Kenya has managed to establish Conservation agriculture demonstration sites in different faith owned areas. The method of farming is aimed at creating a shift from the conventional farming to Conservation faming which is able to mitigate the current climate change impacts in Agriculture leading to promotion of food security, the demonstration sites are established after a comprehensive two day training on the concept of conservation agriculture after which the trainees are encouraged to set up such farms in their different areas, this has borne great fruits as women have improved their livelihoods and food security at house hold level. The young people have adopted this for small-scale commercialization enabling them to meet their needs this changing their perception and encouraging them to get involved in agriculture as an income generating activity (IGA).


Mother Earth Network (M-e-net)

Mother Earth Network (M-e-net) is an international platform to plan for collective local, national and international advocacy, capacity building and awareness on environmental issues. The network registered as a trust under the ministry of lands was established to coordinate collective advocacy for practical solutions to the problems affecting environment in Kenya. The network facilitates the tree-planting component of the KINAE by establishing relevant partnership in tree planting and conservation strategies.


The Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA)

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) is one of the churches that have been responding to the task of environmental care with audacity and great commitment.

The PCEA Church, which is among the largest churches in the region in terms of congregants and geographical spread, is using her privileged position to bring change to the existing environmental crisis affecting her members; some of which include climate change and declining productivity of agriculture in pastoral lands.

In 2012 PCEA, established an Environmental Stewardship/Eco-Mission Seven Year Strategic Plan. Many projects have commenced under this programme: The farming God’s way project is one project that took off very well and that has highly penetrated to the congregants in all of the counties in the country, with its aim being to provide lasting and practical solutions to the problems facing the people as far as farming, climate, agricultural and environmental issues are concerned.


Global One

Global One is a UK based charity founded in October 2013 after a group of driven and passionate women led by Dr. Husna Ahmad recognized that there was a need for more women to come forward as change- makers in positions of leadership in the third sector. In particular more Muslim women, who are often considered to be sidelined and disempowered.