About Us

Kenya interfaith network of action for environment (KINAE) is an interfaith network founded by representatives of diverse faith backgrounds to promote environmental stewardship especially among faith organizations on the basis of their core values, believes and best practices from a faith perspective.

Brief history

In September 2012, a number of major religions in Africa met in Nairobi to launch their long-term plans under the theme: “Faiths Commitment to a Living planet”. Many faith groups in Kenya also launched their long- term-plans. This was the first time that different religions came together to make a remarkable commitment to work together as they care for environment, thanks to Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC). October 2013, marked the first fruit of the long term plans, different faith groups in Kenya came together to celebrate 4th October, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of nature as an Interfaith Environmental Day at Jamuhuri High School in Nairobi where 1000 tree seedlings were planted and are sustained by students. This then gave birth to the continued cooperation and inspiration among the faith groups involved.
KINAE as a network is a non-profit making foundation; it is not a funding but a facilitative body of different faith organizations and partners who are committed to collaborate through the sharing of information, best practices and cooperation. We jointly and individually engage in the promotion of environmental stewardship from a faith perspective.

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