Main Pillars

  1. Faith in God:
    It is evident that at least all religions believe in the existence of a supreme being, which is also responsible for creation. All religions worship and honor this being and believe that he has spiritual, moral and physical powers over the physical creation. The being in question also referred to as God, all-powerful, all present and transcendent is the creator of all things that exist.
  2. Respect for human dignity:
    At least every religion profess that human beings have a special place in God`s creation. Created in the image of God we are charged with the role of stewardship of God`s creation. By caring for environment, we participate in the creative work of God and thus uphold our human dignity as children of God and we shall be rewarded accordingly both in this life and the next.
  3. Integrity of God`s Creation:
    Creation is the handwork of God and as such it manifests the holiness, wisdom and glory of God the creator. Creation is also the source of our livelihood; all living things depend on each other for existence. By caring for environment we respect the integrity of God`s creation and build harmony and peace between God, man and nature.
  4. Collective good:
    Members of various religions are also, first and foremost citizens of this physical world. We share the same earth, same natural resources and same human nature. To the extent that we are born, live and depend on this shared world, we have moral obligation to participate in the development of this world. By caring for environment we join our brothers and sisters in the noble task of protecting our common home, the earth, and create a more peaceful ground where we all coexist in our diversity